The industry’s first quad-channel SFP interface for conformance testing and debugging solutions

Oscilloscope market makers announced that launched the first in the

industry for four-channel SFP interfaces (QSFP +) compatible product

consistency test and debug the solution.New QSFP + solution based on

the liner the DPO/DSA/MSO70000 oscilloscope, including to design, test

and verify the QSFP + design requires all the components, HCB fixture

and the test automation and software debugging tools.

QSFP + is a compact for data communication applications can heat

change the transceiver.It will network equipment main board (such as

switches, routers, media converter and similar devices of the

motherboard) through the interface connected to the cable.SFF

committee released the latest specification of the data transmission

rate reaches 4 x10gb/s and support serial connection SCSI, 40 g

Ethernet, Infiniband 20 g / 40 g and other communication

standards.Compared with the 10GBASE SFP+ Transceiver, QSFP +

module port density increased by 3-4 times.”

QSFP + evolve and sfp transceiver module, this means that

engineers need comprehensive testing solutions to efficient and rapid

verify its design and put them to the market”, the company general

manager of high-performance oscilloscope Brian Reich said, “our

solutions to provide automatic conformance testing function, compared

with manual test time can help customers to save as much as 80%, at

the same time provide to our world-class seamless migration of

debugging environment.”

Unlike the other based on a sampling oscilloscope sfp plus

transceiver test solutions, the new Tektronix SFP + QSFP + Tx

solution is based on real-time oscilloscope, which is engaged in the

preferred platform for QSFP + and SFF-8431 and SFF-8635 product design

engineers. SFP + QSFP + Tx solution also provides support for

Transmitter Waveform Distortion Penalty for Copper (TWDPc) test (SFF-

8431 standard requirements for this test), which is currently


SFP + QSFP + Tx solution using a simple menu driven measurement

Settings and provide one-click conformance testing, and automatic

report generation “pass/fail”, help to improve the efficiency of test

and measurement.In addition to the standard consistency requirements,

this solution also support the design verification, and configuration

of the test, such as window and other parameters of flexible

control.If the design of the conformance test failure, the user can

use DPOJET (jitter) and timing analysis Settings file to reduce

debugging time.

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