By the time 2016 transceiver module market will reach $3.3 billion

With the development of the technology of 100 – Gbps, adjustable SFP + optical transceiver module market is the overall expansion.According to the latest release Infonetics 40 g / 10 g / 100 g optical transceiver module size of the market and forecast, optical transceiver module market is expected to reach $3.3 billion.

The report tracks used in optical transmission, enterprises, carriers routing and switching field 10-Gbps ,40-Gbps ,100-Gbps optical transceiver modules and converters.

“2012 will be crucial for 100G year, many new equipment manufacturers equipment put into use,” Infonetics Research analyst Andrew Schmitt said, “operators to upgrade its fiber-optic network and the launch of a coherent network, will drive in 2013 optical components market demand. Meanwhile, in the tunable XFP dominant role, 10G WDM interfaces will continue to grow. Additionally, the data center fiber optic sfp module explosive growth in demand will occur.

In fact, some trend has appeared.For example, in 2010, compared to the 2011-10 Gbps SFP + optical transceiver module shipments grew nearly doubled.Infonetics expected until 2016, the demand of the 10g sfp module will remain the compound annual growth rate of 40%.At the same time, as the market is added some new suppliers, in 2011, tunable XFP shipments has increased by three times.And WDM function module shipments in 2011 also increased by 24%.


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