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How to Choose a Perfect OTDR?

The past few years have witnessed the boom in optical fiber being used in network communication industry. In order to make sure that the fiber network is reliable and accessible, a more accurate and faster methodology for assessing the integrity … Continue reading

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General Guide to OTDR

Learning how to operate an OTDR properly is a very important skill for technicians in companies management and maintenance of fiber optic networks. The following passage contains clearer descriptions of OTDR to aid the users in understanding the basic principles … Continue reading

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The Core Technology Of Wiring

1. High-precision Optical Time Domain Reflectometer(ODTR) Optical Time Domain Reflectometer technology through sending a test signal in the measured line while monitoring signal in the line of reflection phase and intensity. If the signal through the cable encounter mutation of … Continue reading

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Cable Testing With Fluke Cable Tester

No matter installing new cable, or troubleshooting the existing cable, cable testing plays an essential role in the process. Common tests for datacom cabling include length, wiremap, attenuation, NEXT, DC loop resistance, and return loss. When doing cable testing must … Continue reading

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Fiber Optic Testing Equipments And Guidelines

Once the cable plant is installed and terminated, or likewise fiber optic cables get damaged as the time passes by. It is recommended to test the fiber optic segment. Thus it’s of prior need to get them tested on a … Continue reading

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How to Test Fiber Optic Cables by OTDR

OTDR, full name of which is optical time-domain reflectometer is one of the most popular method of testing the light loss in the cable plant. In most circumstance, it also indicate an fiber optic testing instrument to characterized the optical fibers. OTDRs … Continue reading

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