High Performance and Affordable Fiber Identifier AFI400 From FiberStore

As we know, fiber identifier is an essential tool for fiber optic lossless installation and maintenance work, which can be used for both single mode and multimode optical fiber probing anywhere. In the fiber optic maintenance, installation, wiring and recovery period, we often need to find and isolate a specific optical fiber without interrupting the operations. By inject a 1310 or 1550 optical signals with specific modulated signal from one end into the optical fiber, with the fiber identify on the way to find it out. It can also used to indentify the traffic direction that indicated by LED with illumination. In the working process of the fiber indentify, use the appropriate chuck, firmly grip the bare fiber or pigtails into the testing area, turn on the tool to start testing. During this process, the fiber optic identifier won’t generate harm or damages to the fiber cable.

Why we need to the fiber identifier?
During out daily fiber optic maintenance work, we often need to cutover, splice or connect the fiber optic cables. In order to accurately detect the working conditions of the fiber core, we always need use an optical identifier to determine. If traffic is present on the fiber under test, an audible tone can be heard.

fiber optic indentify AFI400

FiberStore, a reputable online stocking distributor of fiber optic tools and a complete range of fiber optic related products, has recently released a reliable and portable optical fiber identifier AFI400, which is specially designed for engineers and technicians that work in the construction and maintenance of optical fiber communication and optical fiber CATV systems. These AFI400 fiber identifier is idea to indentify excessive problem fibers (excessive loss, dark, live fiber) that may be caused by misalignment of mechanical splices or poor connections. This optimized device can indentifies multiple signal frequencies including 270HZ, 1Khz and 2Khz and used for testing H0.25, 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 3.0mm fiber. It operates at a wavelength range of 800nm to 1700nm and works. Powered by 2 units of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, it can work at least ten hours on a full charge. Besides, the fiber chuck , with mechanical damping design, can ensure that no fiber damages occurred. Meantime, it has both sound and light alarm function and key lock function, making it easier and more comfortable to operate.

Support to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic
Based on non-destructive technology
Indicate the signal direction in fiber
Detect a variety of optical tones, 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz
Build in visible fault locator 1mW or 10mW optional;
Battery low indication
Working wavelength: 800-1700nm
Type identification signal CW, 270HZ ± 5%, 1KHZ ± 5%, 2KHZ ± 5%
Probe Model: Ø1mm InGaAs2pcs
Adapter type (mm) Ø 0.25 Ø 0.9/2.0/3.0 used for bare fiber pigtail
Signal direction: LED indicates
Optical frequency: 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz LED indicator shows
Batteries: Powered by 2 units of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Operating Temperature (° C) -10 ~ +60
Storage temperature (° C) -25 ~ +70

FiberStore is a global leader in research, development and manufacturing of high performance optical fiber tools and network equipment. For our optical fiber identifier, we provide one year warranty for that. You can also buy this AFI400 at a large quantity with the wholesale price. If you are the one have such requirement, why not contact us, I’m sure you will get good surprise on our product and service.

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