Analyze the Quality of Compatible SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver

Currently, more and more kinds of fiber fiber optic transceiver  we need for telecommunication networks, requirements are likewise increasing. In order to meet the instant increasing demands of the system, optical module is towards standardization, miniaturization, intelligent development.

SFP transceiver module, which uses digital diagnostic function SFP optical module, it is the manufacturers technical upgrading of iconic products, but the problem is coming, how to choose the SFP optical module? According to the communications research and development department assistant Daniel who has more than 20 years of research experiences conclusions: the strong compatibility of optical module does not represent the quality of the module is better. In order to attract customers’ eyes, some manufactures on the network put too much emphasis on how strong a compatible fiber optic transceiver can be, it can compatible with so much famous brands such as Cisco sfp, Huawei sfp, Finisar sfp?and others, even they launch the perfect optical module who has much functions and strong compatibility, high stability and low cost. Maybe these gimmicks look perfect, but in fact it is a great misunderstanding, because it is a set of contradictory combinations, Multi functional, the price will be relatively high, strong compatibility whom stability will be subject to a certain extent.

For example, universal socket compatible with two flat feet, three feet horizontal, round feet and others, because of its extreme versatility, it is used widely by people. The contact area between the universal hole socket splicing and electrical plug and cause the accident easily by making contact piece is overheating. In June 1, 2010, the new national standard by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and the National Standardization Management Committee jointly issued began to enforce, banned the production of universal hole outlet. Banning the production a few years later is still selling today, 70% of people, including businessmen do not even know already prohibited.

But how to strike a balance between compatibility and good quality? Daniel says, the most important thing of the SFP transceiver? is its stability and reliability, the compatibility just for reducing the factory and equipment manufactures’cost, but not both focus on. If you all focus on the compatibility, which inevitably occur SFP optical modules in the course of temperature anomalies, signal loss, signal flashes and other issues, and then affect the normal effect of end users, even damage to the benefits and reputation of equipments manufactures. Related product:?10gbase sr sfp module

compatible fiber optic transceiver

Finally maybe there are many people become confused and they do not know where to but these compatible fiber optic transceiver, well, FS.COM will be your choice, it produced compatible transceiver module for many years and all through repeated test.

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