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Recently I have seen a problem from a net friend, I just think it is meaningful to discuss with you and specific situation is like this. He introduced a question for debate that “how many such module can be added and these are hot swappable when using Cisco 6509 and need to add another 4-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet (Fiber) Module”. As for the question, I gave the following solution.

Well, I assumed that the type is cisco glc-t 1000base-t, as far as i know, there are no limitation on how many of fiber transceiver modules you can have other than the obvious one of free slots being available in the chassis. Is there any limitation you think? It sounds like that you already have some of these transceiver modules in the chassis. If you have not, you will need to be aware of which supervisors and which IOS versions are needed to support the transceiver module. Transceiver modules should be hot swappable, just SFP and this is one of the benefits of modular switches.


But we also have to think that idea that there is any limitation on Cisco Router WAN slots, just if you have an idea that handing off multimode 10gbase sr sfp module, and i am also wondering that if if 10gbase-lr sfp is compatible or I need another type of sfp+ transceiver . Another point that i have to point that instead of using multiple 4 port cards, I would use 8 or 16 ports modules, it should be up to seven with dual sups or up to eight with single sup. The reason for this being is that the X6704 does not support VSS. So if one day you decided to upgrade to VSS, you cannot use the x6704 for your VSL link vs with the other modules you are good to go. BTW, if you’re about load up a 6509 with that many 10g cards, you may want to insure some or all have DFCs. If you do utilize DFCs, don’t forget possible issues when matching them to sup. If you need even more 10g ports, there also the 6708 and 6716 line cards for sup720s, but if you have a sup2T, there’s also the 6816 and 6908.

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