What is Network Cable Tester

Network Tester is often also called professional network analyzer or network detector can detect the OSI model defined physical layer, data link layer, network layer’s operating conditions of portable, intelligent visual inspection equipment. It is primarily for LAN fault detection, maintenance, and integrated wiring construction, network testers features include the physical layer, data link layer and network layer.

Network testers can greatly reduce the time the network administrators troubleshooting network problems. With the popularity of the network and more complex, a reasonable set up and normal operation of the network becomes extremely important. To keep the normal operation of the network, two jobs should be done: First, network construction quality directly affect the subsequent use of the network, and the quality of construction can not be ignored and must be strict requirements, certified check, take preventive measures. Second, it is critical that to investigating and eliminating a network failure, which directly impact the efficiency of the operation, we must pursuit a high efficiency. The network detection aids in network construction and network maintenance work becomes increasingly important.

According to the transmission medium, the network tester can be divided into two types which is wireless network tester and cable network tester.

Wireless network tester: wireless network tester is mainly for router and AP detection, which can invest the terminal and the signal strength that connected to the wireless network, thus to effectively manage the notes in the network, and enhance network security. Kind of product technology is not very mature, with the promotion of wireless network, wireless network testers will become an important detection tool.

Network cable tester: Common transmission medium of cable network testers including twisted pair cable, optical fiber and coaxial cable. Coaxial cable has rarely used, what is commonly used are twisted pair cable, the fiber optic network is the feature trend. In the currently market, there are two kinds of cable network testers to fit for different transmission medium, fiber optic network cable tester and twisted-pair network tester. Since fiber optic network tester is not commonly used, so the most network tester refers to twisted pair network tester.

According the functions, network testers can be divided into cable tester, multifunction network tester and network performance tester.
Cable tester: Cable tester is for the detection of network media, including cable lengths, crosstalk attenuation, signal-to-noise ratio, circuit diagram and cable specifications parameters commonly used in integrated wiring construction.

Multifunction Network Tester: Multifunction Network Tester usually refers to a variety of tests to integrate the functions of network testing equipment, such as integrated link identification, cable diagnostic scan line order, topology monitoring, Ping function to find port, POE detection. Because of the full function of such equipments, they are also capable of network maintenance, network construction and cable diagnostics.
Network performance tester: Network performance testing equipment is a high-end device, the main features include network traffic testing, data interception, IP query, traffic analysis, commonly used in the field of large-scale network security industry.

In a word, the cable tester or LAN cable tester is widely used in the construction of communication cable, power cable construction, the construction pipeline construction, communication cable to the power supply circuit, and Maintenance of electric lines, an indispensable tool for first-line construction and maintenance personnel.

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