The FAQs about 1G to 10G Network Transition

When beginning the transition from 1G to 10G network, many network switch users have encountered the issue of SFP to SFP+ compatibility. The SFP port on a network switch is a hot-pluggable interface for gigabit switches, enabling fiber or copper uplinks via the corresponding SFP module. Speeds range from 1 Gbit/s for Ethernet to 4 Gbit/s for Fiber Channel SFPs.

Can 1G SFP Run at 10G SFP+ Port?

SFP+ slots can take SFP modules, most do but not all. It may depend greatly on the switch models. Besides, the SFP+ port usually doesn’t support speeds under 1G. That is to say, you can’t plug the 100BASE SFP in the SFP+ port. If you are unsure about the connectivity, it is suggested that you consult the vendor to make sure the 10Gb switch port supports dual rate before plugging an SFP transceiver into the SFP+ port on your 10Gb switch.

Will 10Gb SFP+ Run at 1Gb?

This also depends on your switch model. You need to downrate the 10G SFP+ transceiver on the switch, but practically no one will be encouraged to do that.Can the 10G SFP+ transceiver module plugged in one switch be connected to a 1G transceiver plugged in another switch and negotiated? For Ethernet over copper wiring, auto-negotiation is supported. For fiber-based transceivers such as fiber SFP and SFP+ optics, auto-negotiation is not supported.


However, the 1/10G dual-rate SFP+ transceiver effectively addresses the transition issue from 1G to 10G. It is designed for use in 1-Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet links over single-mode fiber (SMF) or multi-mode fiber (MMF). It is viable to connect 1/10G dual-rate SFP+ transceivers on a 10G switch with a 1G transceiver plugged into a 1G switch.

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