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SFP+ Transceiver Test – TWDPc Measurement

SFP+ transceiver is widely deployed in applications and becomes much more pervasive due to its smaller form factor, less power consumption and its increased port density compared with XFP transceiver. Each SFP+ transceiver houses an optical receiver and transmitter. One … Continue reading

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SFP and XFP Transceivers for Telecommunications

Pluggable optical transceivers were introduced initially in datacom as advanced version of fixed transceivers. However, the advantages of pluggability and the small form factor were so appealing that telecom transceivers were introduced very soon. There are a plethora of standard … Continue reading

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Buying The ideal SFP Modules

When you require modules as well as other items for your office system, you need some specialist help. In case you have an IT department, employees know how to choose and install these products. A small company doesn’t most often … Continue reading

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