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Knowledge of Multi-source Agreement

We usually see some products that are compliant with MSA when refers to fiber optic transceivers, but what does MSA mean? It seems like a standard that is used to define the optical transceiver. In fact, MSAs are not official … Continue reading

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How to Choose Optical Transceiver?

Optical transceiver connector as a LAN device, its main task is how to put the two sides well data seamless connection. So you have to consider its compatibility with surrounding environment, and the stability and reliability of the product itself, … Continue reading

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Things You Should Know about Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet is a new version of Ethernet with transferring rates of 1 Gigabit per second. It is widely used in local area networks (LANs) with 10 and 100Mbps cards. The first Gigabit Ethernet standard (802.3z) was ratified by the … Continue reading

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