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Plastic Optical Fiber Is Considered To Use In FTTH Applications

The cost of plastic optical fibers (POF) in high-speed short-distance communication transmission is as same as symmetrical cables, the transmission bandwidth up to several GHz within 100 meters, and with easy connection, good flexibility, easy bending and other advantages. Despite the … Continue reading

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Fiber Optic Modem Things You Should Know

The fiber optic modem (or FOM), connects an electronic device such as a computer to a network or the Internet, provides electrical to optical conversion of electronic communication and data signals for transmission using tactical fiber optic cable assemblies. How Does Fiber … Continue reading

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Fiber Optic Multiplexer Technology

Fiber Optic Multiplexer, also commonly referred to as a “mux”, is a device that processes two or more light signals through a single optical fiber, in order to increase the amount of information that can be carried through a network. … Continue reading

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