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FBT and PLC Fiber Splitter Comparison

The past few years have witnessed a great leap in advancements of fiber optic communication technologies, these progresses are made to cater to the ever accelerating demand for better and more efficient optical performances. Fiber splitter, which plays a significant … Continue reading

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Coupler and Splitter Overview

It is generally accepted that fiber, connectors, and splices rank is the most important passive devices. However, what closely following are tap ports, switches, wavelength-division multiplexers, bandwidth coupler, and splitter. These devices divide, route or combine multiple optical signals. Splitter … Continue reading

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What is Known as Fiber to the X

Fiber To The X (FTTx) is different from a traditional fiber optic network that would be used for a local area network (LAN) application. In most FTTX applications, only one optical fiber is used. That single optical fiber passes data … Continue reading

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EPON Based On Ethernet Access Technology

EPON is based on long-distance optical fiber transmission network Ethernet access technology. EPON uses multipoint architecture, an optical fiber carrying data signals down the line, after 1: N optical splitter signal into N Road, branch coverage of light multiple access … Continue reading

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