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Ethernet Network Cable Types and Specifications

An Ethernet cable is one of the most popular network cables used on wired networks for the purpose of transmitting network information. The commonly seen types of Ethernet cables are twisted pair cables, which can be divided into two categories: shielded … Continue reading

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Shielded Cabling System Installation Methods Techniques

Introduction Shielded cabling system is installed in the general Unshielded cabling system with metal shielding layer on the outside of a metallic shield reflection, absorption and skin effect of preventing electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation function. The major advantages of … Continue reading

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Crimping Tool To Creat Your Own Cables

Crimping tool is designed to crimp or connect a connector to the end of a cable. Crimping device tools and cable stripping devices help properly crimp and strip different types of wires, such as solid wire, standard wire, Teflon, PVC, neoprene, … Continue reading

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