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What is Fiber Optic Splicing?

Knowledge of fiber optic splicingmethods is vital to any company or fiber optic technician involved in Telecommunications or LAN and networking projects. Splicing is the practice of joining two fibers together without using fiber connectors. Two types of fiber splices … Continue reading

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Buy Fujikura Fusion Splicers Online

Fiber optic cables provide a reliable and fast method of data transfer. However, it’s simply impossible to make a single fiber long enough to match the length of cable necessary for most networks. This is where fiber fusion splicing comes … Continue reading

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Sumitomo and Fujikura Fiber Optic Cleavers from FiberStore

Fiber optic fusion splicing is always needed when we want to fuse two optical fibers together for the continuity of fiber optic cable plant. However, in the optical fiber fusion splicing process, fiber tips are required to have a smooth … Continue reading

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The Tips To Test Fiber Optic Fast Connector With Hand-held Testers

Prepare the fiber testers you need 1.Use a cable stripper to strip the outside coating of the cable to expose the active wire underneath. Usually, stripping a wire or cable involves scoring the coating to the cable to detach it so it … Continue reading

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