Best PoE Switch for IP Cameras

With further improvement of safety consciousness from the general public, IP cameras are widely used in areas like schools, enterprises, public areas, and even families. Many people want to choose the best PoE switch for IP security cameras to ensure the safety of people and businesses. This article intends to explore the advantages of using the best PoE switch and help you choose a superior PoE switch for IP cameras.

Figure1: PoE switch application

Benefits of Best PoE Switch for IP Cameras

When we talk about PoE technology, some users may think it’s not necessary to buy a PoE switch at a relatively high price. Because a PoE injector can also achieve power supply and even space-saving for IP cameras. But in reality, if you have any PoE-enabled devices like 10 IP cameras, using a PoE switch is the better choice. In addition, the PoE switch also provides the following benefits for IP cameras:

  • Easy Management and Low Cost

A PoE-managed switch allows the power supply for each camera to be controlled remotely from any point in IP camera systems. It greatly benefits users to reboot those non-responding IP cameras without being at the camera’s location. Therefore, we can save cost and labour.

  • Long Runs

IP cameras can be installed anywhere matter they are located in the far-field or near-field region. The distance of running a PoE IP camera can be up to 100m with a single Cat5e cable. Certainly, if longer runs are required, PoE repeaters may be needed.

  • Resilience to Power Failure

In general, all IP cameras are powered by one switch. So it can ensure continual surveillance in the case of a power cut when you attach a central UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to the PoE switch.

Necessary Considerations When Choosing the Best PoE Switch for IP Cameras

PoE switches come in different sizes, features, and functions. So choosing the best switch to match IP cameras sometimes is a big task. Some essential factors are introduced for your reference.

  • Port Count

According to the number of PoE-enabled devices, you need to decide how many ports of switch you need. This is a basic consideration when buying a PoE switch. Choose the switch that has more PoE ports than your device number. This is for your future-proofing upgrade. In a general way, 8 8-port t PoE switch is suitable for families, while 48 48-port PoE switch can meet the demands of large businesses.

  • Unmanaged or Managed

Managed PoE switch enables network administrators to cheque the quality of the network copper cables. These cables are linked to each switch port, so they can help administrators have a good command of the whole network.

  • IP Camera Power Consumption

Network designers need to know the power consumption of each switch port. It helps users know how many IP cameras can be used. Since the power consumption of IP cameras varies, it is important to know the power budget of PoE-managed switches. So users can ensure the normal work of IP cameras.


PoE managed switch provides a simple and cost-effective wiring to power IP cameras. It’s not easy to choose the best PoE switch with a relatively low cost. So, this article offers several considerations about buying the best PoE switch for IP cameras. For buying a PoE switch, the best Ethernet switch, or the best network switch, like the best 8 port switch, 24 port, and 48 port switch to apply to different IP camera security systems at low cost, FS is your good choice.

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