Plastic Optical Fiber Home Networking Solutions

Revolutionary plastic optical fiber (POF) home networking solutions to promote the popularization of FTTH, make it at the same time promote IPTV and HDTV service. POF and high flexibility, security, and stability. POF switches more economical, and high reliability, provide exclusive ultra-high frequency width for each connection. Home network by laying professionals can also use the tool to roll out low-cost networking. This similar to the “garden sprinkler hose” type of connection so that the system installed than any other home networking technologies more convenient and efficient.

Home network is composed of two or more computers, IP telephony, IPTV, printers, cameras, devices together to achieve communication, watching TV, print, monitoring and other purposes, but the home network can share resources, file sharing, Internet access to the Internet, CD-ROM, hard disk and other additional resources.

The system can provide up to 1G of exchange capacity and ensure household equipment interconnected transmission quality, high-speed Ethernet for home 100 trillion most reliable technology. System uses a loss factor 150-200dB/km, 1mm diameter plastic optical fiber, coated into 1.5 and 2.2mm white or black Twinax cable, 100 meters weights less than 800g, tensile strength greater than 140N, numerical aperture NA of 0.3-0.5, acceptance angle to 60°, fiber optic splice center alignment deviation of less than 30um, almost does not affect the coupling loss. softness and ultrafine fiber diameter in the new construction or renovation of buildings wiring, whether walls or wall, skirting, carpet laying the cable is below, or generally easy to reach places that are hidden requirements, other than the network transmission medium (such as cat5 or cat6 cable) has more advantages, highlight the home network installation easy.

plastic optical fiber

Functions and Features of Plastic Optical Fiber

1. Easy and quick installation;

2. Small volume;

3. Simple design;

4. Through the use of visible light, can rapidly eliminate problems;

5. High cost;

6. Sharing Internet access and file transfer;

7. Multiplayer games;

8. Make Internet phone calls through the Internet, you can greatly reduce the cost of international calls;

9. Watch HD Internet TV (IPTV);

10. As the plastic fiber access provides 100 MB bandwidth, so you can for a long period of time to worry about upgrade issues;

11. You can print, copy, fax and scan, suitable for home office needs, and at the same time network monitoring, no matter where you are, as long as there is a network where you can always see the situation at home.

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