LC/SC/ST/Blank Style Fiber Adapter Panels

FiberStore offers a full line of fiber adapter panels(also known as fiber adapter plates). Choose from our wide variety of single mode fiber and multimode fiber plate options: ST-SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ, ST and SC.

There are adapter panels for each major fiber connector: ST, SC, MTRJ, FC, LC, and MTP, from 6 to 72-fiber solutions in each panel available. Make sure you can handle any upgrade or new installation with a fiber optic adapter plate, as different connector types can mean trouble for your network if you’re not prepared. After you look at the picture below, you can easily figure out the differences between LC/SC/ST/Blank style fiber adapter panels.

LC Fiber Adapter Panel, SC Fiber Adapter Panel and ST Fiber Adapter Panel are designed to easily mounted into all Connected fiber enclosures and provide a custom interconnect solution. These high quality adapter panels utilize robust materials and adapters with high quality split sleeves. You can be confident in their performance to connect your system. Connected Fibers also provides the service to load your enclosure with adapter panels, pigtails and splice trays.

To fill in the empty gaps in your cabinet or wall mount enclosure, it comes to the Blank Fiber Adapter Panels, which reserves fiber adapter panel space for future use. These affordable “fillers” prevent the entry of foreign material (dust, dirt, etc.) and also give your panel a professional, finished appearance. That’s important, especially during equipment demonstrations for factory acceptance tests and more. Blank fiber adapter panel features available in 6~24 hole(according to the type of adapters), can for simplex and duplex connectivity and ideal for simple moves, add and changes. Blank plate adapter used with rack mount, both fixed and sliding fiber optic patch panel and wall mount distribution box, suitable for high-density fiber optic network application.

Our fiber adapter plates and fiber termination plates include:
LC Single Mode Adapter Plates,
LC Multimode Adapter Plates,
LC 10G Multimode Adapter Plates,
SC Single Mode Adapter Plates,
SC Multimode Adapter Plates,
SC 10G Multimode Adapter Plates,
ST Single Mode Adapter Plates,
ST Multimode Adapter Plates,
MTP Multimode Adapter Plates,
MTRJ Single Mode Adapter Plates,
MTRJ Multimode Adapter Plates.

More, custom adaptor panel configurations are also available at FiberStore. Adaptor panels can be configured to accomodate almost any combination of fiber optic adaptors including ST, SC, MTRJ, FC, LC and/or MTP. Please contact us to learn more about the options available to suit your infrastructure.

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