How to Choose Fibre Optic Cable Manufacturers

If you get a fiber optic cabling project on hand, you must know what fiber optic equipment is needed. Use structured fiber optic cables and cabling components are very important. Cabling is the foundation of your network, if the cabling fails, nothing else will matter. For a given grade or category of cabling, you’ll see a range of price, but the highest prices don’t necessarily mean the highest quality. Buy based on the manufacturer’s reputation and proven performance is essential, here comes the title of this article how to choose fibre optic manufacturers, see some tips on this regarding this question.

fibre optic cable manufacturer

Reasonable price
Price is the first factor that we should take into consideration. Price of fiber optic products is commonly higher than other industrial products.Take fiber optic cable for example, price of fiber optic cable is calculated by meter & foot. The minimal length of fiber optic cables is 3 meters, larger projects may need thousands of meters, which will result in a huge cost on fiber cables. When buying online, you will see most fiber optic cable vendors list thefiber optic cable price per foot, you can compare three or more store to choose the most proper one.

Excellent quality
Most expensive prices do not mean the best quality, that’s true, while the cheapest is more likely sacrifice to quality. So it is hard to judge the quality of fiber optic cable just by how much of the seller priced them. You need to do something by yourself now, check out the customer reviews on the products. Good vendors are willing to open the review functions online if they are confident with their products, so find out several such web-store and compare the satisfaction, although this cannot include all, it’s helpful for reference!
If you have enough time and patience, you are also suggested buying a small sample before placing a big order.

Technical supports & Good customer service
Customer service is another important point that determine your fiber optic cable manufacturer is good or not. Power company always invests huge to build professional technical supports and
customer service teams, which are also the software of a company. Make some inquiries before buying, on general issues or technique issues, you will soon check out their service level, it is necessary to do the test before buying other than after-sales.

Warranty policy
It is well known that stuff bought online should be guaranteed, otherwise, you will lose you money easily. The warranty period of the products is varied from different sellers.Take fibre optic cable manufacturers for example, some vendors guarantee weeks, or months of the exchange of refund. Some are one or two year, which is very usual. But if you see a company that gives you a lifetime warranty, why not choose the lifetime warranty one to the years or month ones? The longer their warranty period is, the more reliable their products would be. No one is willing to pay more than the earned after sale, only if the quality is unbeatable enough!

Reputation of the supplier
Last but not the least, check the reputation of your possible fiber optic cable supplier is also important, this is especially necessary when doing purchase online. Enter the name of your supplier like “FiberStore” in Google, you will see many informations related to this company, check this informations about their social network account, forum talking topics, products reviews, or even the latest news or activities, the general impressions of this company will form on your mind.

Above only listed several typical aspect that you need to take to judge your fiber optic cable suppliers, some other points are also important if you want to rigorous decision on where to buy fiber optic cable, keeps an eye on the new products updating frequency of the supplier, their custom capability for your special requirement. Powerful fibre optic cable manufacturers always keeping research and develop new products and keep pace with the latest industrial technologies!

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