Fiber Patch Cable comes in two modes

The transmission of signals by light waves is related to the wavelength of the light.Some wavelength s travel through optical fiber more efficiently than others.Light wavelength needs to be measured in nanometers.Visible light, in the range of 400-700nm, does not travel through fiber optic cable with enough efficiency for data transmission.Optical communications occur at three ideal wavelengths or windows:850nm,1300nm,1550nm.High-speed transmissions typically use the 1300-nm window.

To be detected legibly, an optical signal transmission must have enough power when it reaches the receiver.Attenuation, or power loss, is the amount of signal that is lost as it travels through the communications medium from the source to the receiving node.Attenuation in fiber optic cable is measured decibels.Loss of optical power is directly related to the length of the cable along with the number of and radius of bends in the cable.Power loss also occurs as the wave passes through connectors and splices.

multimode fiber cable

The wave must carry a minimum level of power when it leaves the transmitting device in order to be accurately translated at the receiving end.Tasmanian power level is called the power budget.Power budge for optical fiber cable communications is the difference between the transmitted power and the resulting signal strength, or sensitivity, at the receiver as measured in decibels.It is the smallest transmitter power and receiver sensitivity needed for a signal to be sent and received fully intact.For high-speed communications, the power budget must be 11 dB.

Fiber Patch Cable comes in two modes: single mode and multimode. Single mode fiber optic cable is used mainly for long-distance communications, has a central core diameter of 8-10 microns, and has a 15-micro diameter cladding.The inner core diameter is much smaller than that of multimode cable.Only one light wave is transmitted on the cable at a given time.

Laser light is the communications signal for single mode fiber. The laser light source, contained in the sender’s transmitting interface, coupled with a relatively large bandwidth, enables long distance transmissions of up to 43 miles at high speeds.Singapore fiber optic cable does not have a determined speed limitation.

Multimode Fiber can support simultaneous transmission of multiple light waves for broadband communications.The diameter of multimode fiber optic cable is between 50 and 115 microns.The transmission distance potential is not as great as that for single mode cable only up to 1.24 miles or 2 kilometers-because the available bandwidth is smaller and the light source is Waker.The transmission source for multimode cable is a LED device that is in the sending node’s network interface.

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