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The Steps of General Cable Management


Labeling Labeling is the most important part of a system administrator’s responsibilities. At any administration point in a cabling infrastructure, including patching panels, accurate labels are essential. These will identify pair modularity and tell technicians where the other end of … Continue reading

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What are the Components of Optical Fiber?

What are the components of optical fiber? A typical optical fiber comprises three main components: the core, which carries the light; the cladding, which surrounds the core with a lower refractive index and contains the light; and the coating, which … Continue reading

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What are the Factors that Influences the Quality of Fiber Optic Connector

Since affect the quality of fiber optic connectorare more factors, and different factors affecting the quality of the connector not the same degree. Here, I will combined with the actual process of production and inspection experience on a variety of … Continue reading

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