Fluke Networks NetTool Series II Inline Network Tester by FiberStore

Fluke Networks is the recognized leader in network testing industry. Fluke Networks provides innovative solutions, the so called Fluke network tester equipments for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise networks and telecommunications networks, as well as the composition of the network infrastructure installation and certification of the fiber and copper.

As we can see, troubleshooting network connectivity problems can be a daunting and time-consuming task without the right tool, we need to spend hours of unnecessary time with trial and error guesswork trying to isolate the problem. Fluke Networks has put an end to the guessing game with the NetTool Series II Inline Network Tester.

The Fluke NetTool combines powerful NetProve diagnostics, inline Gigabit vision, VoIP Phone PC configuration testing in one palm-sized tool, so you’ll have everything you need to quickly resolve even the toughest connectivity problem. Plus, with the NetSecure option, you’ll have the power to identify port-based security threats and maintain user connectivity in802.1xenvironments. The Fluke Networks NetTool Series II includes NTS2-PRO, NTS2-VOIP, NTS2-NSKIT.

Fluke Fluke the NetTool II Overview
NetProve diagnosis – quickly locate the device and application connectivity problems
Inline Gigabit – online insight into the 10/100/Gig link between the switches, PC, IP phone and other devices to quickly resolve network problems with
Monitoring and verification – port monitoring to identify spyware, malware and viruses; 802.1X log solve the verification problem
VoIP troubleshooting – online connection, in-depth insight into VoIP calls to quickly diagnose IP phone boot, and call control problems and to measure key call quality metrics
PoE Measurements – verify readiness of PoE systems and troubleshoot PoE device problems
Discover available network resources – View active servers, routers and printers to provide the MAC address and IP address, subnet and related services
IntelliTone digital signal generator – quickly and securely positioned in the run network cable

Monitoring and Authentication
NetProve Diagnostics
Inline Functionality
VoIP Test and Troubleshoot
PoE Measurements
IntelliTone Digital Signaling
Ease of Use
Screen Shots

FiberStore is one of the reputable online fiber optic test equipment sellers that have many speed and accurate Fluke testing instruments. Since no two networks are identical, FiberStore’s Fluke test equipment series offers several Fluke NetTool models and options to match your individual requirements and to maximize the value of your NetTool investment. From our top-of-the-line NetTool Series II Network Service Kit to the entry-level NetTool 10/100, you will find a Net Tool model that fits your network troubleshooting needs and your budget.

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