Some of the commonly available optical fiber cables

As uses for fiber have become more baried, manufacturesrs have begun producing cables to meet specific needs.Cable configurations vary based on the type of use ,the location,and future expansion needs,and it is likely that more will be created as future applications emerge.

Bear in mind that different cable arrangements are variation on a theme.Different combinations of buffer type,strength members ,and jackets can be used to create cables so meet the needs of a wide variety of industries and users.Let’s look at some of the commonly available optical fiber cables.


The simplest types of cables are actually called cordage,and are used in connections to equipment and patch panels and are typically made into patch cords.The major difference between cordage and cables is that cordage only has one fiebr /buffer combintaion in a jacket,whereas cables may have multiple fibers inside single jacket,or multiple cords inside an outer jacket or sheath.The two common types of cordage are simplex and duplex.

Simplex cordage

Simplex cordage consist of a single fiber with a tight buffer,an aramid yarn strength member,and a PVC jacket.Simplex cordage with Plastic Optical Fiber Cable uses no strength members,but has a thicker jacket.simplex cordage gets its name from the fact that,because it is a single fiber,it can be used only for one -way or simplex, transmission,although bidirectional communications have been accomplished using a single fiber.

 Duplex cordage

Duplex cordage,also known as zipcord,is similar in appearance to household electrical cords.Duplex cordage is a convenient way to combine two simplex cords to achieve duplex or two way transmissions without individula cords getting tangled or switched around accidentally. Simplex and duplex cordage are meant for short-distance connections between equipment and for temporary connections only and should not be used as [permanent cabling for network or long-distance transmission.

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Breakout Cable

Breakout cables are used to carry fiber that will have individula connectors attached,rather than being connected to a patch panle.Breakout cables consist of two or more Simplex Fiber Optic Cable bundled around a central strenght member and covered with an outer jacket.Like distribution cable,breakout cables may be run through a building’s walls, but the individual simplex cords can then be broken and handled individully.As is the case with dirtribution cable,breakout cables may end up in communication closets,but in the case of breakout cables ,uses can manually change connections.Breakout cables may also be used to connect directly to equipment.

Hybrid Cable

Hybrid Cables ,as applied to fiber optics ,combines multimode and single-mode fibers in one cable,Hybrid cable should not be confused with composite cable,although the terms have been used interchangeably in the past.

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