Netgear Compatible SFP Transceiver Series from FS.COM

FS.COM is mainly engaged in providing complete portfolio of high performance fiber optic network solutions including fiber optic transmission components, fiber optic cabling, FTTX networking equipment, and even fiber optic testing and tools. Fiber optic transceivers manufacturing is one of the main business part of FS.COM factory. We provide not only the high performance original designed fiber optic transceivers but also a series of compatible transceiver for major brands such as Cisco, HP, Juniper, Dell, Netgear, Extreme, etc.This article will mainly introduce one of the hot-sale Netgear compatible SFP transceiver.

Netgear Compatible SFP Transceiver

Netgear is a U.S manufacturer of computer networking equipment and other computer hardware. This company is independent from Nortel in 2002, and began to sell products through multiple sales channels worldwide, including traditional retailer, online retailers, wholesale distributors, direct market resellers, value added resellers and broadband service provider. FS.COM now can provide optical transceiver modules for Netgear devices, our transceivers modules can be 100% compatible with Netgear, below is the introduction on the compatible Netgear SFP transceivers AGM731F, AGM732F, AGM733F

  • AGM731F – 1000Base-SX Netgear SFP, 850nm, 550M, MMF
  • AGM732F – 1000Base-LX Netgear SFP, 1310nm, 10KM, SMF
  • AGM733F – 1000Base-ZX Netgear SFP, 1550nm, 70KM, SMF

Small-form-factor pluggable (SFP) is a specification for a new generation of optical modular transceiver. These SFP transceivers are designed for use with small form factor (SFF) connectors, and offer high speed via Fiber cable and physical compactness. FS.COM whlesale & distribute third party compatible Netgear SFP transceivers, these transceivers can be mixed and deployed with Netgear OEM transceivers for seamless network performance and interoperability.

Technical Performance for AGM731F Netgear, AGM732F Netgear, AGM733F Netgear

  • Product Type: SFP transceiver module
  • Data Rate: 1Gbps
  • Interface (Bus) Type: Plug in module
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Application: 1000BASE SX, 1000Base-LX, 1000Base-ZX
  • Connector Type: LC Duplex
  • Fiber Type: Single Mode Fiber (SMF), Multimode Fiber (MMF) – AGM733F

FS.COM Inc.has a large quantity of Netgear SFP compatible transceivers in stock that can be shipped worldwide in very short time. Customers can also customize the Netgear SFP optical transceivers to their special requirements, and design the label and packing for their company. Besides, FS.COM also provide OEM solutions for other brands such as Avago SFP transceivers (AFCT 5715PZ, AFCT 5715APZ, HFCT-5710LP, etc.)

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