Huawei CTO: UK Market Remains Open

FiberStore , June 28 News, Huawei CTO Li Sanqi Carrier Networks Business, said in a media interview today, at least in the next few years, the company does not have any opportunities to sell network equipment to any major U.S carries, but will continue to with the UK operators.

Li Sanqi said, “The Untied States and Britain situation are very different, we are building a second base in Europe, and the United Kingdom in which occupy an important position.”A British lawmakers said in a report earlier this month, Huawei height of the country’s telecom penetration raises potential national security issues last year in October, the U.S Congress Report also recommends that the U.S carries do not purchase Huawei equipment that may be used for spying purpose.

Huawei is now only to Sweden’s Ericsson world’s second largest telecom equipment manufacturers, telecom equipment market in the United States almost no share, just for the sale of some of the country’s mobile terminal products, while in the UK, the company has established a solid business foundation, according to Li Sanqi revealed that Huawei will periodically since 2005, with the British Government and the British Telecom Group communication network security issues.
“I estimate the relationship with our customers in the UK. Nothing will change.” He said.
Li Sanqi said that China and the U.S. are the world’s second largest economy and the first between the two countries far beyond the potential economic friction Huawei or any business, at least in the coming years, this geopolitical issues are not going away. “Huawei caught in the middle.” He said.
But cannot enter the U.S telecommunication equipment market, leading to the loss of a major opportunity Huawei, as the country is in the early stages of the 4G network. Li Sanqi said Huawei in the future it is difficult to participate. U.S carriers have begun with other equipment manufacturers to cooperate.
“Any foreign enterprises to enter the U.S market will take some time. Telecommunications network belongs to part of the infrastructure, so it takes longer.” Li Sanqi said he also pointed out that the Japanese semiconductor and automotive manufacturers in the 1980s when the U.S market has faced resistance.
However, Huawei or from the European market saw an opportunity. Huawei has 70% of the revenue derived from overseas. Europe is the company’s largest overseas market.Li Sanqi said that since the Britiash Parliament issued a national security report, he has met with British Telecom executives. “I do not see any change in our cooperation.” He said.
In September last year, Huawei announced that the next five years invest $ 2 billion in research and development of the UK and parts procurement funds. Earlier this month, the company also opened a UK construction area of 140,000 square feet (13,000 square meters) of the new headquarters.
However, Huawei has also faced some challenges in Europe: The European Commission has threatened the company launched an investigation to determine whether they received government subsidies with China an unfair price advantage. Li Sanqi said that some people think that Huawei is through price cuts win the contract, but this view is wrong. “Our European customers chose not to weigh short-term costs, but in order to find long-term strategic partner.” He said. (Ding Hong)
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