General View Of Fiber Optic Pigtails

Fiber optic technology has revolutionized the way the communication can be handled in a more efficient and faster manner. Fiber optic pigtail is a piece of optical cable with connectors only on one side of the cable and a length of exposed fiber at the other end. It is as simple as that. Due to its small size, it can fit for being put inside the fiber optic patch panel boxes or fiber optic splicing enclosures.

Fiber pigtails types are dependent on the connector types and the fiber optic cable. Usually the fiber optic pigtail is with 0.9mm outer diameter cable. Pigtails are usually used inside the fiber optic management equipment, the connectors on the pigtail can link to the adapter or other devices, the other end of the pigtail which does not contain the connectors, is stripped back and fusion spliced to another single fiber, by melting together the fiber glasses, it can reach a minimum insertion loss. This is done easy in field with a multi-fiber trunk to break out the multi-fiber cable into its component for connection to the end equipment.

There are pigtail single mode and pigtail fiber optic multimode, which can be with various types of fiber optic terminations such as SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ, MTP, MPO, etc. Pigtails can have female or male connectors. Female connectors could be mounted in a patch panel, often in pairs although single-fiber solutions exist, to allow them to be connected to endpoints or other fiber runs with patch fibers. Alternatively they can have male connectors and plug directly into an optical transceiver.

Fiber optic pigtail Specifications:
Types: single mode, multimode;
Terminations: FC, SC, ST, MU, LC, D4, DIN, E2000, MT-RJ, MPO, SMA, E2000, FDDI, and ESCON;
Insertion Loss (dB): less than 0.2 (PC and UPC);
Exchangeability: less than 0.2 dB;
Tensile Strength: less than 0.2 dB (0 to15 kgf);
Temp. Range: (- 40 to +80 degree centigrade).

What is the difference between the fiber optic connector, fiber patch cable and pigtail?
Fiber optic connector is used for connecting fiber. Fiber optic patch cords used to do the patch cord from the equipment to the fiber optic cabling link. Pigtail is welding and connecting to other fiber optic cable core, often appear in the fiber optic terminal box, used to connect fiber optic cable and fiber optic transceivers (also used in the coupler, fiber jumpers, etc.).

FiberStore offers the single-mode 9/125, multimode 10Gb 50/125, multimode 62.5/125 and multimode 50/125 types fiber optic pigtails. They are with various SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ, MTP, MPO, PC, UPC, and APC connectors respectively. These fiber pigtails are available in simplex or duplex versions, custom design also available.

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