Why Cumulus Linux Is Popular Among White Box Switches?

The network switch has now grown in the same way that the server was developed in the market. Proprietary switches are now challenged by the white box switches that bring open source software. There are many network operation systems that can be accessed through ONIE for bare metal switches. Among them, Cumulus Linux is the most popular one. How does it develop and why does it stand out from the rest?

Cumulus Linux Overview

Cumulus linux is a version of the open source operating system built to run on bare-metal switch hardware. Cumulus Linux is a software distribution that runs on top of industry standard networking hardware. Linux has a very full-featured networking stack and the mature linux operating system has already been in use for implementation of technologies from most networking vendors prior to incorporating it into their proprietary platforms. Sysadmins have access to and get familiar with a huge variety of tools for managing and operating linux platforms. It is said that 34% of the Fortune 50 have already adopted Cumulus linux. Then why Cumulus linux is popular among white box switches?

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Analysis on White Box Switch Market

Over the years, consumers have bought proprietary network switches from well-known vendors who installed their operating system on the original hardware. Now with the advent of white box switches, customers have found a more flexible approach to create their own switches. They can get hardware directly from the ODM at a discounted rate compared to similar switches from traditional networking vendors, because there are no network operating system installed in it. Vendors like Cumulus Networks and Big Switch Networks offer operating systems that can run on a variety of hardware switching platforms. These platforms can be installed into multiple bare metal hardware that come from different suppliers.

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The white box switch which enables people to purchase hardware and software independently is gaining popularity. It excels traditional switches in cost and the flexibility. Cumulus linux gives programmers and developers the ability to customize the platform to their needs.

Why Cumulus Linux Is Popular Among White Box Switches?

Built for automation, scalability and flexibility, Cumulus Linux is the world’s most flexible open network operating system for bare metal switches which allow you to build a data center network that ideally suits your business needs.

Cumulus Linux Provides Economical Scalability.

Since Cumulus Linux is Linux, all applications available with a Linux operating system are also available with Cumulus Linux. With off the rack hardware and a standardized linux stack, people can increase efficiency in operation by reducing production time. Both CapEx and OpEx can be lowered.

Cumulus Linux Is Built for the Automation Age.

Cumulus linux is a powerful, networking-focused linux based free operating system that offers a complete open architecture and is designed for easy automation. With automation, all of your configurations are stored in one place. No longer need to log into a dozen switches and start typing to make changes on multiple switches. Using automation, you can accomplish the change in one centralized repository and push them out to your switches with the flip of a switch.

Cumulus Linux Provides Choice and Flexibility.

Cumulus Linux currently runs on 50+ hardware platforms from 9 different vendors, and boasts two different types of silicon. It greatly increases the choices of hardware and avoids any potential hardware lock in or supply chain issues. Build your network based on your needs and you budget, and pivot easily as the industry changes.


Providing economical scalability and choice flexibility, Cumulus Linux, the leading network operating system, greatly boosts the adoption of white box switch. Unless you try Cumulus Linux, you can never taste its charming.

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