A Closer Look at Simplex and Duplex Fiber Patch Cable

When talking about fiber optic patch cable, related products that firstly come to our mind are usually multimode and single mode fiber patch cable. However, there are still many other types, such as multimode 50 125 duplex LC to LC fiber patch cable, LC to LC duplex single mode patch cable and simplex single mode fiber. Beginners in this field might wonder what duplex and simplex fiber patch cables are. This text will introduce you about these cables. Before we come to simplex and duplex fiber patch cables, let’s firstly get familiar with the two words — simplex and duplex.

What Do Simplex and Duplex Mean?
According to the ITU-T definition, a simplex circuit is one where signals can flow in only one direction at a time. One end is the transmitter, while the other is the receiver and that is not reversible. For example, in TV, audio or visual information flows from transmitter to numerous receivers.

However, at other times, communications can flow in the reverse direction. That is half-duplex. Half-duplex system means a communication channel that operates in one direction at a time and may be reversible. A good analogy for half-duplex system will be two roads with a traffic controller at each end, in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic, the traffic controller only allows one direction at a time. But if one party transmits at the same time, a collision occurs, resulting in lost messages.

“Duplex” comes from “duo” that means “two”, and “plex” refers to “weave” or “fold”. A duplex system has two clearly defined paths with each path providing information in only one direction, that is A to B over one path, B to A over the other. Compared with half-duplex, a full-duplex system, or sometimes called double-duplex allows communication in both directions and allowing this to happen simultaneously. Just like the cellphone, both parties can speak and be heard at the same time.

Introduction of Simplex and Duplex Fiber Patch Cable
Simplex fiber patch cable only contains one fiber and one single outer jacket, which means that information is running in only one direction. This cable is often utilized in applications that require one way data transfer.

simplex fiber patch cable Simplex Fiber Patch Cable

While duplex fiber optic patch cable consists of two separate fiber optic strands. Typically found in a zip cord construction format, which is most often used for duplex communication between devices where requires simultaneous, bi-directional transfer, workstation, fiber switches and servers, fiber modems.

duplex fiber patch cable

Duplex Fiber Patch Cable

These two cables are available in multimode, single-mode and many different fiber optic connectors. For example, single mode simplex fiber, multimode simplex fiber patch cable, LC to LC duplex single mode patch cable, and multimode 50 125 duplex fiber patch cable LC LC etc. Fiberstore, a professional optical components provider, offers a wide range of fiber optic patch cables of high quality including all the above ones. We also customize many kinds of fiber patch cables, which may meet your special requirement.

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