Mulitimode fiber cable and different connectors

The most significant drawback to the use of fiber is that converting a certain distance with fiber optic cable is much more expensive than using a twisted pair cable.Also,fiber optic cable requires special equipment to splice, which means that quickly repairing a fiber optic cable in the field can be difficult.Fiber’s characteristics are summarized in the following list:

Throughput–fiber has proved reliable in transmitting data at rates that can reach 100 gigabytes per second per channel.Fiber’s amazing throughput is partly due to the physics of light traveling through glass.Unlike electrical pulses traveling over copper,the light experiences virtually no resistance.Therefore, light based signals can be transmitted at faster rates and with fewer errors than electrical pulses.In fact,pure glass strand can accept up to 1 billion laser light pulses per second.Its high throughput capability makes it suitable for network backbones and for serving applications that generate a great deal of traffic,such as video or audio conferencing.

COST–Fiber Optic Cable  is the most expensive transmission medium.Because of its cost,most organizations find ti impractical to run fiber to every desktop.Not only is the cable itself more expensive than copper cabling ,but fiber nets and bubs can cost as much as five times more the NICS and hubs designed for UTP networks ,in addition hiring skilled fiber cable installed cost more than hiring twisted pair cable installed.

CONNECTOR- with fiber cabling,you can use any of 10 different types of connectors for the ST,SC,LC and MT-RJ.each of these connector can be obtained for single mode or multimode fiber optic cable ,Existin fiber networks typically use ST OR SC connector ,However ,lC and mt-rj connector are used on the very latest fiber optic technology ,lcd and MT-RJ connectors are used on the very latest fiber optic technology.

Yet another type of cable is a rollover cable.In a rollover cable,the usual wire positions are exactly reversed in one of the RJ-45 jack.Rollover cables are mainly used to connect a console to a connectivity device,such as a router.Do not confuse them with a crossover cable,which reverse the transmit and receives pairs from one end of a cable to the other.

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