Introducing FiberStore Krone-LSA-PLUS Insertion Punch Down Tools

As we get from Wikipedia, a punch down tool refer to a small hand tool used to inset wires into IDC (insulation-displacement connectors) of the punch down blocks, typical 110 block, patch panels, keystone modules, or other surface mount boxes. It is also called Krone tool. By using the Krone punchdown tool, technician that work for telecommunication and network can maker a faster, more uniform conections in the Krone wiring blocks with less effort.
Punch down tools are impact sized, and consist of a handle, an internal spring mechanism, and a removable slotted blade. To use the punch down tool, position the wires into a slotted post, press the punch down tool on the top of the wire, with a single push, the spring loaded mechanism will trigger the blade at just the right point to seat, cutting the insulation and securing the wire. There are ON/OFF selector for you to turn on or off the cutting function.

Krone tool is named after the Krone LSA PLUS connector, Krone LSA PLUS is an IDC (insulation-displacement connectors) for telecommunications, which is alternative to 110 block in European. Compared to 110, krone can be easily identified by its contact slots arranged at a 45 degree angle to the wire. FiberStore Krone-LSA-PLUS Insertion/Punch Down Tool is right a highly reliable and cost connection solution for today’s telecommunication and data networks, the design of which use our unique Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) technique that can clamps the wires at a 45° angle, and greatly removing the chances of a poor termination and increasing the wiring productivity. Our LSA PLUS Krone tool is perfect for applications in telecommunication, broadcast system, and audio connections and their associated control systems.

Product Key Features:
Combined the impacted punch down and torque tool function
Build-in screwdriver & wire- pull function
The LSA-Plus insertion tool with sensor is the key to unparalleled contact reliability and guarantees fast and clean working.
Simply applying pressure with the tool enables the wire to be trimmed and connected in a gas-tight connection in a single action.

Krone-LSA-PLUS Insertion Punch Down Tool

The Krone-LSA-PLUS punch down tool (above picture shows) is consist of a contact slot with flexible contact arms. There are arranged at 45° to the axis of the wire. Polishing contacts at a 45° angle leaves more wire between contact points and provides a more reliable, stress-resistant connection, which is superior to the other contacts that contacts at 90° angle produces a point of weakness subject to breakage. The wire (4) is pressed by the Insertion Tool (5) into the contact slot (2) cutting through the conductor insulation. By displacing ribs tightly grip the wire on both sides of the contact, ensuring the mechanical integrity of the connection. In a simple movement the Intertion tool will terminates the wire and cropping it to the desired length.

FiberStore is a one of the main online supplier of series of optical telecommunication and network products, including fiber optic cables, fiber optic transceiver, optical testers as well as various of fiber optic tools. Click and know more details about our Krone Punchdown tools.

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