Crimping Tool To Creat Your Own Cables

Crimping tool is designed to crimp or connect a connector to the end of a cable. Crimping device tools and cable stripping devices help properly crimp and strip different types of wires, such as solid wire, standard wire, Teflon, PVC, neoprene, rubber, nylon, etc. Apart from being one of the computer networking tools, these network cable crimping tools have various applications in different industries such as electronics, data, voice, video and signal industries.

8P8C RJ-45 Network Cable Crimper HT-210C

Network crimping tools are used to create telephone cables and network patch cables. Network crimping tools allow a user to trim the network or telephone cabling to size by means of an attached cable cutter. You can also strip the insulation from the individual conductor wires within the cabling with the integrated wire stripper. Interface ends, such as RJ-12 and RJ-45 connectors, may be attached to the cable by means of the network tool’s crimper head. A network crimping tool is actually three tools in one package: a wire cutter, an insulation stripper, and a crimper.

While preparing networking cables for creating computer networks such as LANs (Local Area Networks) one has to be very careful and precise. One has to use a variety of wire connector assembly and installation tools to assemble and install such connectors to each other. These tools include a variety of cable tie guns, crimpers, cutters, pliers, punch down tools, screwdrivers, splicers, strippers, and cable pulling grips.

Now you know the network crimping tools are helpful in telephone networks and computer networks. But do you know how to use a network crimping tool? Here is the insturction:
1. Insert the free end of the Category 5 cabling between the network crimping tool wire cutter blades, and pull approximately one foot of cabling through gap between the wire cutter blades, and cut the cabling.

2. Insert approximately 1/2 inch of one end of the cut length of cable into the wire stripper socket, and squeeze the network crimping tool handles together. Remove the stripped end from the wire stripper socket, and insert the unstripped end 1/2 inch into the wire stripper socket. Squeeze the network crimping tool handles together, and remove the stripped wire from the wire stripper socket.

3. Untwist the wire pairs at each end of the length of cable, and straighten each wire. Clip the wires so that each wire is the same length. Arrange the wires from left to right in this order: white/orange, orange, white/green, blue, white/blue, green, white/brown, brown.

4. Slip the wires into the RJ-45 connector with the prong facing downward (away from you). Push the wires all the way to the end of the plug. Slip the tool crimper socket over the RJ-45 connector, and squeeze hard to crimp the plug.

Fiberstore offers a wide range of cable crimping tools, which are necessary tools for network professionals. The wire used to make network cables is not expensive when purchased in The connectors also are reasonably priced. Once you have the crimp tool, the cost of making your own cable is a bargain compared to buying ready-made Network Cable.

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