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Ethernet Patch Panel: Keystone vs. Feed-Through vs. Punchdown


General Introduction on Ethernet Patch Panel Patch panel is a device designed with a few jacks to monitor, interconnect and test circuits on network connecting and circuits routing. It is very convenient and is commonly used in computer networking, radio, … Continue reading

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What Is Twinax Cable?

What Is Twinax Cable? Speaking of Twinax cable, you might think of coax cable. They are two similar cable types. The difference is that the former one has two inner conductors in stead of one inside coax cable. The twin … Continue reading

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Can I Use Cat6 Cable on Cat5 Network?

Nowadays, internet data cabling has become an important part of our daily life. While, with fast update of technology, the old Ethernet patch cable versions are being substituted by the new ones for better experience. For example, Cat6 cable is … Continue reading

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